Dubai, UAE
In fact, no, this city is luxurious but also not very expensive now we will find out how much it costs there for rest together with the costs for 7 days. From 20 to 27 May.
For the flight we will pay 19872 rubles
We get to Dubai in 5 hours 10 minutes without a transfer
And from Dubai we reach our homeland for 5 hours and 25 minutes!
A total of 19872 rubles
We will stop at Mercure Dubai Gold Al Mina Road Hotel
**** stars
The 4-star Mercure Hotel Dubai Gold Al Mina Road invites guests to stay in the heart of Dubai. It was updated in 2016 and 2017. and offers 184 stylish comfortable rooms with high-speed Internet connection, satellite TV and spacious bathrooms with a bath and shower. The hotel is located 20 minutes from Dubai Airport, close to the congress center and Dubai World Trade Center, as well as the La Mer beach in the Jumeirah area. From the hotel there is a free shuttle bus to the beach and Dubai Mall.
Subtotal: 21890 rub
Most of the costs are spent on the sights! Because their incredible amount.
I advise you to look 30 pieces
30. Resort complex «Atlantis The Palm» The complex is located on the island of Palm Jumeirah, it opened in 2008. The architectural concept of Atlantis is the legend of the sunken fabulous Atlantis. In the corridors of the hotel you can see frescoes with legends about the Atlanteans. On the territory of the local aquarium there are various artifacts allegedly extracted from this continent. Outside, the building resembles the splendid palace of the sheikh. In “Atlantis” there are 17 restaurants, a huge SPA center and a fitness room.
1. Burj Khalifa

The Burj Khalifa tower rises above Dubai, approaching the boundary of the lower layer of the Earth’s atmosphere. The height of the giant spire is 828 meters, it took six years to build it and almost 1.5 billion dollars. Moreover, even such a rich emirate as Dubai could not alone finance the project and turned to neighboring Abu Dhabi. Inside the tower there are apartments, a hotel and offices. The last residential floor is at 584 meters, followed by a 244-meter steel spire.

2. Musical Fountain Dubai

The world’s largest color music fountain, located on an artificial lake near the Burj Khalifa skyscraper. The design consists of several arcs, the height of their largest is 275 meters. During the presentation, more than 6000 thousand light sources are included. Thanks to the game of rays on the surface of the lake, fanciful figures are formed, reaching an incredible height of 150 meters.

3. The Emirates Towers

A complex of two skyscrapers connected by a shopping gallery. The height of the first tower is 354.6 meters (here office buildings are located), the second – 309 meters. (on its territory is a hotel). The complex has a swimming pool, a SPA center, gyms. All this is placed on separate “female” and “male” floors according to Muslim customs. In the evening, the Emirates towers are beautifully illuminated.

4. The Palm Islands

An artificial archipelago in the Persian Gulf, which includes three islands: Palma Deira, Palma Jebel Ali and Palm Jumeirah. In the period of 2001-2006, the embankment was created, since 2006 construction began on the ready islands. Communication with the mainland is made using a 300-meter bridge. On the islands of Palm built residential areas, villas, hotel complexes, as well as shopping centers and restaurants.

5. Dubai Marina

One of the new central areas of the city, located on the shores of an artificial bay. The houses are quite close to the water, so the windows offer a magnificent view, which is quite valuable for Dubai due to the lack of natural natural species. The territory of Dubai Marina provides space for mooring yachts, there is a luxurious promenade and many picturesque boulevards.

6. Bastakiya District

The historical district of Dubai, which appeared in the early XIX century. Unlike the modern neighborhoods, Bastakiya retained its traditional Arabic flavor. The area is built up with typical stone houses, decorated with wood and plaster. On the first floors of the buildings are souvenir shops, cafes and antique shops. Inside, apartment buildings, in general, are redone to a modern style.

7. Mall of Dubai Mall

The shopping center opened in 2008. It became the largest and most visited shopping and entertainment center in the world. Inside there is a huge 4-level waterfall, which is highlighted by different colors, a podium for fashion shows, an aquarium, a zoo and more than two hundred restaurants with a wide variety of cuisine. All well-known world brands consider it compulsory to open a boutique or show-room in the Dubai Mall.

8. Mall of the Emirates

The shopping center is the second largest after the Dubai Mall. Its area is about 600 thousand square meters. At three levels of the complex there are more than 500 shops where you can buy literally everything, dozens of restaurants and cinemas, ski center “Ski Dubai” and an aquarium. The Emirate Mall competes in popularity with Dubai Mall, but both shopping centers do not lack customers.

9. Aquarium in the Dubai Mall

The capacity of the giant