We all know about the benefits of visiting the beaches, about how they have a positive impact on our health:
– fresh sea air, which positively affects the respiratory system, making it more resistant to various viruses and diseases, which allows to maintain immunity at a high level;
– the sun, useful for bones, teeth and the hormonal system of man. Under its influence, vitamin D is produced. In some cases, the sun helps to get rid of pimples and psoriasis;
– salty water. It cleanses the skin, rejuvenates it and promotes cell regeneration. It also contains useful elements that strengthen the hair follicle;
– sand: smooth, measured heating of parts of our body with sand, disperses blood, removes swelling, and is characterized by a healing and analgesic effect.
But this article I want to devote more to the benefits of beaches from a psychological point of view.
It’s no secret that stress is the most common disease today. With our rabid rhythm of life, the constant flow of information climbing from everywhere, and problems (both financial and moral), it is almost impossible to avoid. In Russia, to date, there is no accurate statistics, but according to rough estimates, 70% of Russians are constantly in a state of stress, and a third of the entire population – in a state of severe stress. Scary statistics, if you study this issue more globally, you can be horrified. Sadly, 99% of people suffer from a personality neurosis.
Fortunately, there are methods and methods that help to recover and return to the previous channel, one of them is nature. And specifically in this article we will talk about the benefits of beaches:

1. Rest on the beach relieves stress.
On it you can completely relax your body, get rid of the pain and daily stresses. In the body, the level of the hormone of happiness, serotonin, rises, and the visual effect and sounds of the sea act incredibly peacefully and soothingly. Water is also a natural healer of stressful life. It is full of natural positive ions that make you feel at ease.

2. The beach enhances creativity.
Being in the blue space, you get rid of problems, and you have new thoughts and ideas. Meditation on the beach causes a sense of calm, which allows you to tune in to something interesting. The sea climate allows you to relax psychologically. Your brain, plunging into a state of rest, gets relaxed, and automatically renewed, which allows it to open up to a new level. In other words, while relaxing at sea, your brain is able to give out unusual information, in particular, related to creativity.

3. In general, if you spend time on the beach, it will change your outlook on life. The prospects change for the better! Nature in general has always been a factor in a healthy and happy life, but the beach, in particular, is very good for the soul. There are a number of factors for the positive impact of recreation on the sea on the human body. The secret lies in the complex sounds of surf noise, smells and color of sea water, which has a hypnotic effect on the brain. Leaving by the sea helps reduce stress, promotes creative thinking and helps to “cleanse the head” much better than any other activities. Also, scientists argue that it helps fight depression and can contribute to a change in life’s views in a positive direction.

It is worth remembering this when next time you plan your vacation.