Santander – unexplored northern Spain
Few know that in the north, Spain also has many wonderful places to relax. One of them is the city of Santander, the capital of the province of Cantabria. From Russia, you can get here inexpensively by the low-cost “Pobeda”. First to Barcelona, ​​and then local airlines to Santander.

The price for a hotel room in the summer will not be cheap, but you can find quite acceptable options. Not in season the number for two is, roughly, 2 000 rubles. Remember about hostels, they will cost even less.

What is particularly interesting can be seen here:

the Cathedral of Santander;
Royal Palace;
great casino;
Paseo de Pereau boulevard;
Maritime Museum.
Separately it is necessary to note the Atlantic coast – it’s wonderful! Local beaches will satisfy even the most demanding tourist. There are both sandy and rocky places that attract divers with the transparency of the waters and the presence of local fauna.

Have a good time, you can just stroll through this city, inhaling the warm south wind, enjoying peace and tranquility.