If you have not decided where to have a rest this summer with children, go to the picturesque corner of the city of Sochi. The resort is famous for its unique climate and incredible natural beauty. There is never a strong wind due to the high Caucasian ridges surrounding the city from all sides. Warm black sea, drowning in greenery, quiet streets and soft sun attracts a large number of holidaymakers, including families with children.

Excellent conditions for family holidays

The city has all the conditions for a comfortable family vacation. For living their services are offered by well-known health resorts, hotels and family-type hotels, cozy guest houses and sanatoria, as well as private homeowners. Housing is offered in a wide range of prices, so you can choose options for any purse. In addition to comfortable accommodation, guests are provided with additional services with delicious 3 meals a day, SPA procedures, spa treatment and entertainment.

The main property of Sochi are luxury beaches. Here, children will enjoy the sea bathing and sunbathing, they will get a wonderful healing effect from the southern climate. Clean pebbly beaches with a gently sloping entrance are perfect for relaxing, even with the youngest children. For the entertainment of children and adults, a wide variety of water attractions are offered. And for the safety of tourists organized special rescue points.

In Sochi, many catering establishments, where you can taste delicious and inexpensive. Cozy street cafes and restaurants offer a quiet rest in the shade of trees, where you can not only enjoy the cuisine of different nationalities, but also listen to easy pleasant music in the circle of your family. In the evening, the doors of various entertainment establishments with special programs for adults and children are open.

Great choice of places for entertainment

When asked where to rest in Sochi with children, you can get an incredible number of offers. A lot of impressions will be presented by a walk to the Olympic Park, where the main facilities of the winter sports games of 2014 are located. In the park there is not only a huge sports complex, but also singing fountains, cafes, shopping areas and other places for tourists to relax.

A great place for spending leisure time with children is the thematic Sochi Park. It is made in the spirit of Russian epic tales and fairy tales, includes a lot of fun attractions for visitors of different ages. By purchasing a ticket to the park, you get the opportunity to visit all the playgrounds and attractions, fully explore the vast territory of colorful fairy lands and spend in the magical world at least the whole day.

In Sochi the park has a dolphinarium and an oceanarium, various events and shows are held. For additional payment, you can organize an unforgettable swimming with dolphins, order a professional photo session with animals and artists.

A wonderful kind of recreation with children will be a visit to the water parks in Sochi. There are several on the territory of the city, but the most visited is AquaLoo water park, which operates all year round. On its vast territory is a huge number of pools, water slides, waterfalls and extreme descents. There is everything for active recreation, including a wave pool, trampolines, themed towns, foam discos. Tasty dishes and cold drinks are offered by cafes and bars of the water park.

Resting in Sochi, you can visit other water parks in nearby settlements near the city. An unforgettable experience will be presented by SkyPark in the picturesque Ahshtyr gorge and the Adler oceanarium of Sochi Discovery World Aquarium with an incredible variety of tropical fish, piranhas, rays, sharks, turtles and other inhabitants of the marine world.

Cultural program in Sochi

On vacation in Sochi with children, it is worth to visit the natural and cultural attractions of the area. In the area of ​​the city there are historical and art museums, where children can learn a lot of new and interesting. Mysterious world of flora will open in Sochi arboretum, where hundreds of species of exotic plants are represented.

Staying in Sochi, you can visit the Boxwood and Agur waterfalls, picturesque Crab and Svir canyons, crystal clear Hmelevskie lakes, a large number of caves and other interesting places. The received impressions and bright emotions from the breathtaking beauty of wild nature are more than enough for a whole year.

Arriving in Sochi with your family, you will not have a question, where to relax with children. A huge number of places for leisure will make it fun and useful to spend time. Having rested at the best resort, you will bring home an excellent Black Sea tan, beautiful photos and a good mood.

In Sochi In the summer with children